NILT and Multi-Watt Laser Therapy

Anyone diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) knows how challenging it is to find treatments that rebuild the brain.

Our Multi-Watt Near Infrared Laser Therapy (NILT) utilizes light in the near-infrared spectrum applied with a patented method for a revolutionary new treatment for TBI.

Whether injuries are recent or up to thirty years old, NILT brings significant healing to our patients by stimulating energy production and repair processes in the brain. In other words, NILT activates growth factors, reduces inflammation, and induces healing-promoting genes.

Hope and Healing
The road to recovery is unique for each person and we know you may be wondering if anything can truly help after all you’ve tried. Can there really be a treatment that helps heal your brain when all the doctors have told you there is nothing that can help you?

Hope and Healing

The road to recovery is unique for each person and we know you may be wondering if anything can truly help after all you’ve tried. Can there really be a treatment that helps heal your brain when all the doctors have told you there is nothing that can help you?

“It changed my life.”
“I was literally on the bed in the fetal position … and now I have my life back.”

Clinical results include dramatic symptom improvement in the areas of anxiety, depression, headaches, sleep disturbances, cognitive breakdowns, mood dysregulation, irritability, and other persistent symptoms of mild-to-moderate TBI.

Summary of data from 10 patients treated with Multi-Watt NILT. Data shows changes in symptoms common to mild or moderate TBI. Many of the symptoms completely resolved, although some patients still had headache or anxiety.

Best of all, the results are lasting and patients report being less vulnerable to repeat concussion.

Left: Transverse and coronal tomograms from a 99mTc-HMPAO perfusion SPECT scan show the transverse sections before treatment (first row) and after treatment (third row). Coronal sections before treatment are shown in the second row and after treatment in the fourth row.

Right: A map of statistically significant differences generated using Segami Inc. software. The top row shows right and left views before treatment and the bottom shows the same views after treatment. The color scale indicates gray for areas that did not differ significantly from the normative database, green for areas that were two to three SDs below the mean of the normative database, light blue for areas that were three to four SDs below the normative mean, and dark blue for areas that were greater than four SDs below the mean of the normative database.

The laser light utilized in NILT easily penetrates the scalp and skull to reach the brain without causing any surface irritation.

  • No side effects
  • No pain
  • No scalp redness

Why Multi-Watt?
Our studies indicate that only Multi-Watt laser can deliver meaningful amounts of infrared energy to reach the depths of the human brain. Some programs may offer TBI solutions or treatments that utilize low-level infrared light, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs); however, our published laboratory studies demonstrate that low-level near-infrared light does not show significant penetration through skin, bone, and brain tissue.

Without significant penetration, near-infrared light does not deliver meaningful levels of photoenergy to the portions of the brain affected by TBI (Henderson & Morries 2015).

Complex Multi-Watt Laser Therapy
At Neuro-Luminance, we utilize a unique multi-channel laser built specifically for us, which delivers the latest in technology and superior control in how infrared light is delivered into the brain.

At the molecular level, the near-infrared laser provides electromagnetic energy, or photons, which transfer energy to a protein called Cytochrome C within the mitochondria of the cell. This initiates numerous subcellular second messenger systems, shifts redox balances, and activates genetic processes (see figure).

The outcome? Upregulation of mechanisms leading to cellular repair, synaptogenesis, brain repair, and reduction of inflammation. In other words, lasting healing in injured tissue.

Since numerous studies have shown that depression is a degenerative process in the brain with the loss of synapses, dendritic branches, and circuits, it is logical to apply Multi-Watt Infrared Laser technology in the treatment of depression; the recently published results are outstanding.

A well-recognized depression scale (the Quick Inventory of Depression Symptomatology-Self-Report or QIDS) is used to rate depression severity before (baseline) and after treatment with Multi-Watt Infrared Laser. A highly significant change is visible in as little as eight weeks.

Explore more patient stories of hope and healing with Multi-Watt NILT and schedule your free consultation today.

Absolutely. Multi-Watt NILT is very comfortable and feels like a warm breeze; there is no skin irritation. Many patients find the treatments to be very relaxing.

Patients can continue to take their current medications prior to and during NILT treatment, with just a few exceptions.

NILT treatments are administered by a physician or Certified Laser Therapy Technologist.

Yes. At Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers, we utilize our exclusive patented protocols. Well-researched and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, our protocols demonstrate lasting patient benefits for up to eight years post-treatment.

LED devices utilized in other treatments do not generate sufficient energy to penetrate the scalp and skull and patients treated with LED devices report meager results that do not last once treatment is discontinued.

Unlike LED-based treatment which requires ongoing application, our patients report continued improvements in between sessions and treatment segments. Most importantly, the brain continues to repair even when the light is off with Multi-Watt NILT.

Many of our patients have found that they no longer need sleep aids or other medications following Multi-Watt NILT therapy.

For those who struggle with depression, we have seen a marked and lasting improvement in mood. Some patients report positive benefits for years following treatment. For those who do still take antidepressant medications, they report needing fewer medications and lower doses than they did prior to NILT treatment.

Most patients report feeling relaxed following their Multi-Watt NILT treatments. On occasion, some will experience a slight headache following their first treatment.

Typically, patients notice benefits after five or six treatments. The first benefit is often improved sleep. Over the course of treatment, patients note increased symptom improvement continuing even when they must interrupt their treatment course. NILT continues to induce brain repair even when the light is off.

No. NILT integrates well with most lifestyles.

We treat patients from across the nation at our south Denver metro area clinic.

Yes, we can help with accommodation recommendations close to the clinic.

Our suggested regimen is 20 treatments. A portion of our patients find that additional treatments lead to further symptom improvement.

Each 30-minute treatment is $300. The total cost for the recommended 20-treatment course is $6,000.

At Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers we deliver the best value to patients through experienced, individualized care coupled with cutting-edge assessment tools to document the progression of neurological, psychological, and physiological improvement.

Explore full pricing details on our pricing page.

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