Psychological Evaluation

At Neuro-Luminance, we provide specialized psychiatric evaluation, brain scan interpretation, laboratory testing, genetic testing, services and treatment integration, and ongoing treatment response evaluation, led by Dr. Theodore Henderson.

Our psychiatric and pharmacological services include:

  • Determining your best treatment plan
  • Recommendations for medication changes (with symptomatic control and long-term outcomes in mind)
  • Supervising therapeutic treatment guidelines for your care
  • Supervising psychological care and therapy sessions
  • Case review for potential referrals (such as laser therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, low-dose Ketamine therapy , and nutritional recommendations)

Psychological Evaluation
We use a series of computerized psychological testing procedures to better understand the multi-faceted symptoms and injuries in your case.

A unique patient diary is one instrument we use to track patients’ psychological progress in the areas of pain, energy, and quality of life. We gather initial patient diary responses prior to commencing treatment and repeat on a weekly basis throughout the course of treatment. In some cases, an additional diary (recorded by a spouse or significant other) may be used as well.

The patient diary includes:

  • A simplified format asking for responses on a Likert (1-10) scale
  • Tracking general health status, diet, nutrition, sleep, alcohol, and smoking
  • Note-taking freedom to explain feelings and progress
  • Thoughts regarding depression, anxiety, frustration, and communication
  • Question prompts covering body aches, pains and other somatic complaints, energy, medications and over-the-counter remedies

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