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At Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers, we believe that patients are given the best treatment when we understand the complete picture of what they are experiencing and what is happening in their brain.

Modern brain SPECT imaging opens a new door to the clinical management of psychiatric and neurological conditions because we can look directly at the brain in action to see where functioning is optimal and where it is not.

With valuable functional information about your brain, we are able to create a targeted treatment plan and skip medication trial and error.

SPECT imaging provides objective functional information about how various brain regions are working. Using a tracer, or non-pharmacological substance, we can record a 3D image of the entire brain’s function.

Furthermore, we can compare images of the brain while resting or performing a cognitive challenge to determine which brain regions are able to respond to challenge.

SPECT imaging is used in a variety of ways including the following:

  • Measuring frontal lobe dysfunction (frontal lobes are able to increase function in a person with depression but not in a person who has significant frontal lobe dysfunction whether from ADHD, dementia, traumatic injury, or toxic substance injury)
  • Distinguishing between anxiety, PTSD, and depression or seeing if they are simultaneously present
  • Assessing functional responses to treatment


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