Establishing a Local Care Team

In addition to the services we provide at Neuro-Luminance, we recognize the importance of helping each patient build a collaborative care team. Whether local to the Denver area or traveling for treatment, we are committed to helping you build the team that is right for your unique treatment plan.

In support of our core offerings (Neuroimaging, NILT and Multi-Watt Laser Therapy, low-dose Ketamine, Neurological, Psychiatric and Pharmacological) , we offer recommendations and referrals in the following areas:

Patients treated with acupuncture report improvement in their condition and it has become a key part of several TBI treatment programs.

Service members from the National Intrepid Center of Excellence with the Department of Defense rated acupuncture as one of the most useful parts of the treatment program. Current research studying the key acupuncture points which affect the vessels of the brain and the brain itself have yielded promising results.

Moreover, Acupuncture can now be given with pin-point laser, in addition to the classic needle.

With HBOT, oxygen is delivered directly to tissue, increasing the levels of oxygen diffusing within the fluid of the blood and in the fluid surrounding brain cells. This promotes cell recovery leading to fully operational neurons interacting with other brain cells.

Through neuroimaging, we can see the difference HBOT has on the biology of the brain and patients and caregivers report profound improvement to overall quality of life — particularly when HBOT is combined with NILT.

When combined with NILT, the impact HBOT has on a damaged or injured brain can be profound. Brain cells make more energy because their mitochondria are activated by NILT to produce more energy and more oxygen is delivered to support these healing brain cells.

Although we still have more to learn about the mechanism with which HBOT restores brain cell function, research indicates that HBOT reduces neuroinflammation and enhances mitochondrial function. HBOT also appears to:

  • Increase brain perfusion
  • Increase second messengers
  • Facilitate neuroplasticity

At Neuro-Luminance, we make dietary, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle (including exercise) recommendations and/or referrals in cases where nutrition and lifestyle are interfering with progress.

We are continually tracking the latest brain-focused supplements with ingredients that have a high level of scientific efficacy.

Nutritional supplements, herbs, and nootropics have been utilized for many years and are increasingly used more widely. While there remains little clinical research on many of these agents, this reflects a lack of research funding more than a lack of efficacy.

In many brain injury cases, a patient has also sustained injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine, knees, and extremities which can lead to a number of challenges, including Cervicogenic headaches.

Spinal manipulation, muscle stimulation, and exercise are preferred treatment for these injuries, in tandem with other aspects of a complete treatment plan such as NILT. For example, improved core muscle strength and function help to restore proper balance and integration of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

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