Our Management Team

Theodore A. Henderson MD, PhD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Theodore A. Henderson MD, PhD is co-founder of Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers, Inc. and director of The Synaptic Space, Inc., a medical imaging consulting firm. Also operating a private psychiatry practice under Dr. Theodore Henderson, Inc., he trained in Psychiatry at the prestigious Washington University/St. Louis and in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Colorado. He also has training in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, the genetics of psychiatry, and an advanced level of training in psychopharmacology, referred to as Master Psycho-Pharmacologist.

In 1997, he was awarded the National Institute of Mental Health Outstanding Resident Award. He has served as an officer of the Brain Imaging Council of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging.

Currently, he is president of the International Society of Applied Neuroimaging. He is a guest editor for a number of journals, including JAMA, Journal of Neuropsychiatry, and the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. He lectures regularly nationally and internationally on neuroimaging, nuclear medicine, and the interface between psychiatry and neurobiology. He recently delivered the keynote speech about the infrared light treatment at an international conference.

His recent papers include: application of multi-Watt near-infrared light in depression, TBI and other disorders, use of ketamine in the treatment of depression, SPECT neuroimaging in TBI, PTSD and other disorders, and SPECT and PET imaging in TBI. Dr. Henderson recently published two book chapters on near-infrared therapy and an additional book chapter on neuroimaging. The work of he and his team were recognized by Discover Magazine as one of the top scientific discoveries of 2015.

Dr. Henderson’s management experience includes: 1) Chief Medical Officer of a medical imaging company with 40 employees under his direction; 2) Consulting Medical Director of a second medical imaging company with 30 employees; 3) officer and president of professional organizations, and 4) running a financially successful private practice for 19 years.

Scott Bufton

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Bufton brings a wealth of experience and passion to Neuro-Luminance. He currently is the Chief Executive Officer and a founding partner of Callcore Media Group. He sits on the Board of Directors as well for this education based call center. Mr. Bufton has created a unique education call center which within 3 years has profits of over $4M annually and developed strategic relationships with companies such as Amazon, Lyft, Wells Fargo, Postmates, Jobcase and Liquid Education to name a few.

As Executive Vice President of Profinity, he established a number of international divisions for this $50M sales organization. He grew the international division with locations in a number of different countries and adding an additional $6M in annual revenue.

Scott was a board member and co-owner for TAE Enterprises, Inc., a global consumer product company with sales over $20M. While at TAE, he oversaw sales, marketing, customer service, operations and distribution channels.

While serving as Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, he was a critical factor in raising funds with Bear Stearns for MGC Communications which resulted in a $54.7M capital raise. The company’s stock rose form $17/share (value at IPO) to over $72/share by spring of 2000. As Vice President, he was instrumental in developing VoIP technologies and leading the sales efforts while at MGC. MGC became a national carrier in over 40 cities prior to his departure.

Mr. Bufton served as a Director at Yipes Communications, a fiber telecom organization with annual budget in excess of $175M. He was responsible for the development of new business partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

He is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Finance. Mr. Bufton was a member of the 1988 Football National Championship team as an inside linebacker and special teams player. Scott was a highly decorated multi-sport athlete and scholar throughout his playing career.

Thomas Canning

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Canning brings extensive experience to Neuro-Luminance. He currently is CEO and Head of Business Development for International Waste Treatment LLC (IWT). IWT raised nearly $5 million of Investment capital for operating capital under Mr. Canning. Sales have increased each year under his direction.

As Partner and Head of Business development for Signet Capital Management, Assets grew from $90 million to over $4 billion. Mr. Canning worked closely with Pension Funds, Family Offices, and other Institutional Investors. Mr. Canning was also on the Investment committee, and oversaw all due diligence.

He is a graduate of Mount Union University in Alliance, Ohio with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing.

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