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At Neuro-Luminance Brain Health Centers, we utilize a number of progressive and individualized treatment solutions—many of which comprise a new brain health paradigm. Because of our unique approach, you may be wondering what a new patient journey looks like.

While every patient is given an individualized treatment plan, there are some key steps we take when getting started with each patient:

  1. Free Phone Consultation
    During your free phone consultation, we gather some information about you and determine how we might help.
  2. New Patient Evaluation
    At the new patient evaluation, we gather your comprehensive history, explore details of past treatments, and review previous lab and neuroimaging results. Often, the evaluation is split into two or more parts and many patients are evaluated by multiple clinicians.
  3. Imaging
    We gather updated imaging on an as-needed basis. For patients who experienced a TBI, this is almost always a step we take.
  4. Advanced Labs
    Labs are collected and we use the results to help determine the cause of illness and inform a personalized treatment plan.
  5. Neurological evaluation
    Includes computerized neurocognitive testing, quantitative EEG, pupil reflex testing, and psychometric testing.
  6. Personalized Treatment Plan
    We develop a personalized treatment plan based on our findings and your unique needs and goals.
  7. Patient Education
    A well-informed patient is paramount to successful treatment.

Our extensive experience and individualized approach help us discover more of each patient’s complete health picture. In some cases, this will mean an updated diagnosis or new lab results that inform further treatment. Our goal is to help patients in the areas in which we specialize and offer them referral options for any conditions beyond our scope.

Preparing for Treatment
At Neuro-Luminance, we craft a unique treatment plan for each patient based on their brain and individual symptoms.

We recognize the often broad-sweeping implications of committing to a treatment course, especially for non-local patients. Assistance is available for veterans and first-responders through the Neuro-Laser Foundation to help with treatment costs, as well as travel and accommodation expenses. We also comply with CareCredit, which offers low-interest loans for medical care.

For more information and answers to your questions, schedule your free consultation today.

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