Multi-Watt NILT Pricing

Each treatment plan is unique to each patient and determined by how your brain is working.

Multi-Watt NILT Treatment Evaluation

During this evaluation, we will determine if Multi-Watt NILT is a good treatment fit for you.

Multi-Watt NILT Treatment
Pricing and Packages

Each patient receives a NILT protocol tailored to their needs. We use a patient’s SPECT scan and neurological assessment results, among other information from cutting-edge diagnostics.

  • 20 Multi-Watt NILT Treatments $6,000
  • Additional Multi-Watt NILT Treatments $300/per


  • Neurological and Balance Assessment $250

    Testing of neurological function and balance by a clinical examination

  • Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) $300

    Assessment tool useful for monitoring progress during NILT treatment

  • Computerized Neurocognitive Testing $250

    Game-like tests which assess memory and other cognitive functions

  • Combined qEEG + Neurocognitive Testing $450
  • Pupillary Reflex Testing $100

    Cutting-edge assessment tool which uses pupil reflex to assess brain function

  • Master Psychopharmacology Evaluation $1,000

    Please note: a $250 deposit is due upon scheduling.
    Extensive assessment (several hours, in total) with a psychiatrist with advanced pharmacology training and more than 20 years of experience

  • SPECT Perfusion Functional Brain Scan $3,200

    Cost is approximate; provided by a local hospital

  • SPECT Scan Quantitative Analysis $500

    A SPECT scan (available through an independent hospital) is required to localize brain injury and to properly direct the NILT treatment

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