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Illuminating Pathways To a Healthy Brain

Brain Problems

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Posted by on 1-12-13

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Posted by on 1-11-13

Toxic Substance Abuse

Posted by on 1-10-13


Posted by on 1-10-13

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Health and Disorders

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted by on 1-16-13


Posted by on 1-14-13

Bipolar Disorder

Posted by on 1-13-13

Anxiety & OCD

Posted by on 1-11-13

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Is Clinical Diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (IPD) Enough?

Still, some clinicians argue that their clinical diagnosis is sufficient. However, two considerations are worth noting. First, Walker and colleagues (J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2007;78:1176-1181) demonstrated...

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US Autism & Asperger Association 9th Annual World Conference

Dr. Theodore Henderson of Neuro-Luminance will be presenting at the United States Autism and Asperger Association (USAAA) meeting this month. The USAAA meeting held in Kansas City, Missouri from September 4-7,...

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Video – Reframing Expectations about Treating the Symptoms of Autism

This is Dr. Uszler speaking at the US Autism and Asperger’s Association...

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Sports related concussion in adolescence

For several years, there has been increasing concern about concussion-related short-term and long-term brain injury in professional sports. This has generated interest and concern about concussion in non-professional sports activities.

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