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Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine is a unique medication in the treatment of depression. It is not an SSRI, SNRI or a MAOI. Ketamine can be safely combined with most medications, so patients do not have to stop their current medications to begin ketamine.


Ketamine is administered intravenously. It is slowly delivered at a very low dose and the process of infusion usually takes about 40 minutes. Our infusion centers are very comfortable and you can relax, read or listen to music during the infusion. There are very few side effects with ketamine. Some patients may have mild visual hallucinations. Some patients may feel dizzy afterwards. Patients often notice an improvement during the infusion or within a few hours to days afterwards.


The effects of ketamine vary from individual to individual. In general, patients feel relief of their symptoms for a few weeks. During this time, changes in their oral medications may provide ongoing relief. Alternatively, repeat infusions are often utilized in a maintenance program tailored to the individual patient’s symptom profile.


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