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Illuminating Pathways To a Healthy Brain

Neuroimaging for “Solutions”

  Modern brain function SPECT imaging opens a new door to the clinical management of psychiatric conditions.  We look directly at the brain in action and learn what is working and not working properly. This allows us to better understand the difficulties that your brain problems are causing you. In other words, a better diagnosis. Rather, than matching your list of symptoms to a list of symptoms found in a diagnostic manual (DSM), we look at your brain. We use this functional information to choose “targeted therapies,” rather than trial and error “experiments” with medications.     Brain Imaging Methods and Their Roles Medical brain imaging falls into two primary categories:  Anatomy and Function. This diagram gives an overview of their relationships. ANATOMY (STRUCTURE) MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging CT: X-ray Computed Tomography FUNCTION fMRI: “functional” MRI – requires cooperative...

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Master Psychopharmacology

Master Psychopharmacology is a professional stage beyond simply knowing which medications go with which disorders. This approach combines thorough understanding of the brain and all its pathways. Master Psychopharmacology brings together the knowledge of how brain cells function, how they respond to medications at a cellular level, as well as at the level of brain circuits. This approach to Psychiatry is brain-based and biological. A Master Psychopharmacologist recognizes the limitations of the current “labeling” system in Psychiaty. Most people cannot be pigeon-holed into a single category and most psychiatric conditions are actually a range of disturbed neurobiological processes. As a result, each patient, child or adult, must be see as an individual with a unique brain. Master Psychopharmacologists understand how medications interact and combine to maximize the benefit for a particular brain. When combined with neuroimaging, genetic testing, and neurological assays, medication choice is no longer guess work; it is...

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  The body’s oxygen delivery system (the hemoglobin of the red blood cells) is essentially saturated (98+ %) with oxygen for brain tissue distribution at sea level air pressure. Placing the body in a hyperbaric chamber, that is at a higher than sea level pressure and with increased oxygen supply, causes the fluids of the blood (plasma), the cerebrospinal fluid and the brain cells themselves to become fully saturated with oxygen. This promotes injured brain tissue to recover much of its normal function even months or years after the injury.      The Earth (Courtesy of NASA) – Home of mankind in the 21% Oxygen Era Our present home on the Earth is a “baric” environment (baric, as in the weight or the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere).  We live in a pressure environment that is centered on sea...

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Ketamine Infusion

  Click here to visit the Neuro-Luminance Ketamine Infusion Center website. Learn more about how ketamine can rapidly treat depression, sometimes even in hours.         Turn off depression. Enjoy the full pleasure and joy of life again.    ...

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