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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a medically unexplained disorder. Patients afflicted with CFS often report severe fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and neuropsychological impairments, which can include mental “fogginess”, decreased concentration, poor memory, low motivation, diminished mood, and increased duration of sleep. Dr. Henderson has recently published a clinical protocol that dramatically improves the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, some of his patients have been completely cured. Dramatic improvement in your Chronic Fatigue symptoms is a phone call away 800-315-9630 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that between 1 and 4 million Americans have CFS, but less than 20% have actually been correctly diagnosed. The diagnosis of CFS is usually not made until fatigue has been present for at least six months, is unrelieved by bed rest, and is accompanied by cognitive symptoms, such as memory impairment...

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